Data Protection

Data drives most organisations nowadays and a failure to protect it is a failure to protect the business altogether.

Modern organisations are data-centric, depending on information for running most of their business processes. On top of that, intense regulatory pressure is building up towards the protection of personal information. CyberOps supports organisations in running their businesses with peace of mind regarding the processing of data, namely through management of data-driven risks and fulfilment of privacy requirements.


CyberOps will help you with (the unexpectedly difficult task of) understanding how data is being used in the organisation and the definition and implementation of governance models, processes and tools that prevent and detect data breaches resulting from internal user activity or attacks.


CyberOps will support your organisation in achieving and sustaining regulatory compliance regarding data protection, namely the General Data Protection Regulation, focusing on managing risks regarding information disclosure, appropriation, misuse or other unforeseen circumstances.


Data protection is not achievable just by educating people and applying GDPR-driven administrative processes. Multiple technical solutions are required to mitigate threats and provide adequate response to data-related incidents. CyberOps is seasoned in implementing such solutions.

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