Although most industries share common challenges regarding cybersecurity, specificities do exist.

Health Care

Health Care organisations face nowadays multiple challenges, not necessarily sympathetic to each other. Providing better digital services to patients as well as complying with the GDPR and NIS is surely not an easy task, for example.

Online betting and gambling

Online operators of sports betting, casino and games as poker necessarily process sensible personal information and not-so-small volumes of money. Regulation is paramount and, therefore, so are their cybersecurity challenges.

Financial Services

Although it has always been an issue for banks and insurance companies, digital transformation initiatives and regulations as PSD2 are elevating the heat regarding cyber security. FinTechs feel it even more as they are basically cyber-centric.


Telcos are mission-critical organisations than process large amounts of sensitive customer and payment data. Complying with multiple regulations, securing customers and sustaining a healthy bottom-line is nowadays more difficult than ever was.

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