Mobile Security

More than 50% of accesses to digital services is made through mobile devices. Failing to provide a secure experience to your customers is killing the business.

As users are increasingly using mobile devices to access digital services, so are hackers attacking them. Therefore, protecting the mobile experience will be the greater part of protecting the business. Such is true for both your customers as to your employees and them use mobile devices. Assure maximum security to the mobile services you provide to customers without impact in the desired world-class user experience.

Mobile app and API services assessment

Cyberops will review, assess and test your mobile apps and API so that design flaws, code errors and other vulnerabilities do not break your security.

Mobile app secure development

Cyberops will support your software architects, analysts and developers to create secure code from the ground up, by design and by default.

Fake apps management

Cyberops will support you in detecting and taking down fake mobile apps in stores around the globe, in a 24x7 fashion

Digital identify lifecycle

Cyberops will support you in designing, provisioning and rolling-out DI management solutions, streamlining operations and delivering top customer experiences.

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