NIS Directive

If your are an entity active in a vital sector for the economy and society and are heavily relying on IT systems (digital infrastructures, financial service providers, energy, banking, healthcare, transport and water) then NIS applies to you.

The NIS Directive requires entities to implement appropriate security policies and measures in line with the cyber security risks and the possible negative effects on their clients and society. Guidelines regarding cyber security policies and measures are given, for example, by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), the National Cyber Security Centers or National Competence Authorities. CyberOps is able to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions that allow customers to comply with the NIS Directive.

Readiness Assessment

High-level assessment that aims at determining readiness-level of company to start a compliance initiative.

Training and Education

Pre-defined and tailored-made education packages, targeting both cyber security practitioners and regular employees.

NIS Bootstrap

Project focused on delivering organisations the key activities for starting a NIS Compliance Program.

Gap Analysis

in-depth identification of what must be made across the board to achieve NIS compliance.

Implementation Support

Process and technology implementation projects, aiming at developing, setting up and babysit controls required by NIS

Incident Management

Management and reporting of cybersecurity incidents, a key requirement in NIS (MDR or MSS services).

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