People Security

People are the most targeted assets of any organisation. Not only protect them but also make them protect you.

Restricting what employees can do and policing them regarding such is no longer a way to achieve security. Work dynamics, business transformation and operational efficiency makes it no longer viable. Organisations have to implement new strategies that assume every individual is a contributive stakeholder accountable for the entitlements given to her/him. CyberOps supports organisations with the development and implementation of people-oriented frameworks (culture, policies and principles, etc.), continuous education of employees and monitoring & assessing their behaviours.

Awareness Programs

CyberOps raises "employee awareness and accountability" through the development and implementation of full-fledged awareness programs. Using a multitude of channels and delivery mechanisms, employees are continuously educated towards a risk-oriented posture and adequate behaviours complementing more conventional technical security controls.

Social Engineering Assessments

People are increasingly being targeted by hackers due to their access to information and general unawareness of how they can be compromised. CyberOps supports organisations in identifying how their personnel is at risk through simulated attacks, delivering actionable insights on how determined limitations can be addressed.

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