Preparedness and Response

There are only two types of organisations: those that know that they've been hacked and those that don't yet know. CyberOps helps you to be one of the former and to know how to respond when it happens.

Cyber incidents will happen and, even taking preventive measures, there is no way to make them an impossibility. Their impact, however, can be anticipated and minimised, through proper preparation, contingency planning, digital forensics, on-the-ground incident response and related activities. CyberOps will help you to define integrated response plans, setup adequate organisational structures and define programs towards effective resilience.

Cyber Security Incident Response Plans

As of 2018, 77% of organisations didn't have formal cyber security incident response plans (CSIRP) properly implemented. CyberOps will support you in defining and exercising such plans so that adequate preventive and recovery strategies are put in place across all levels of the organisation.


When incidents happen you need to quickly understand what happened, what is the extent of the damage, how to recover and how for such incident not to reoccur. CyberOp's Digital Forensics and Incident Response services aims at doing so in industry-leading time.

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