Risk Avoidance

Cyber security driven by actionable insights on threats and risks instead of responses to incidents

Most companies spend their cyber security budget in responding to incidents instead of preventing them. CyberOps superiorly helps companies to anticipate and respond to emerging threats through continuous access to actionable insights. Making use of specialised tools, and supported by a highly specialised and experienced team, CyberOps delivers valuable information gathered through analysis of data from multiple sources, both internal and external.

Vulnerability Management

Last year there was a 13% overall increase in reported system vulnerabilities, systematically exploited by cyber criminals. Continuous assessment and mitigation of vulnerabilities is the way to guarantee that your assets are vulnerability-free and, to some extent, so is your business.

Red Team

Mitigating system vulnerabilities is critical but not enough. Cyber criminals also use other attack vectors as architectural and process fragilities as well as people. Simulating complex attack campaigns, mimicking hacker's mind and techniques, has therefore become increasingly critical.

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