Security Operations

So that your business does not stop cyber security must be exercised continuously, both at management and operational levels.

Knowing emerging threats and vulnerabilities or realising an incident has happened is of little value unless you do something about it. CyberOps supports organisations in implementing and maintaining solutions, as well as executing security processes, so that cyber risk is properly exercised, end-to-end. CyberOps provides operations services to customers from its own SOC or in customer premises, being technology-agnostic.

Cybersecurity Asset Management

Although cybersecurity asset management isn’t as sexy as AI, ML, and some of the other hot topics in cyber tech today, it might be more relevant than these. Unless one puts in place a (secure) configuration management practice all vulnerability management efforts become void and outages and security breaches will keep happening. CyberOps excels at this even in large heterogeneous infrastructures.

Managed Detection & Response

Most companies don't need a full-fledged Managed Security Service with all the inherent complexity. MDR service allows detection of intrusions, malware, and malicious activity in your network by monitoring it using a reduced number of security controls put in place in a non-intrusive fashion. Outcome of MDR service is the signalling of offenses to customers with recommended course of action.

Managed Security Services (or SOC as a Service)

When MDR service is perceived by organisations as "not enough", CyberOps is able to setup up continuously explore full-fledged security services that might modularly include activities as vulnerability management, configuration management, event management and incident detection & response ... using CyberOps' own SOC or the customer's.

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