Strategy and Governance

Making cyber security become a relevant element of companies' strategy and their business planning

CyberOps helps organisations to better manage risk by aligning cyber security investments to business vision, objectives and transformation initiatives, preparing them for everything, from “known knowns to unknown unknowns”. Cyber security increasing relevance in business aspects such as risk management, regulatory compliance, brand reputation, investor confidence, and user experience requires nouvelle approaches different from classical business consulting and technical consulting, rarely done hand-in-hand. Leveraging the seniority of its Senior Consultants and joining forces with Business Consulting firms, CyberOps delivers insightful perspectives and a deep understanding of industry-specific cyber security challenges.


More commonly than it should, company Boards are not savvy enough in the cyber security realm and start feeling short-sighted regarding decision-making in the increasingly digital world. CyberOps provides actionable insights on how C-Levels should consider cyber security in their specific domains of responsibility as well as regarding business strategy at large.


CyberOps supports organisations in adapting their governance model to incorporate cyber security roles and responsibilities at the appropriate level as well as defining and implementing management systems that promote cyber security culture, policies, standards and technological guidelines orthogonally.


The increasing relevance of cyber security in businesses' resilience and privacy is being matched by strongest regulatory requirements. CyberOps helps organisations to assess their cybersecurity posture using solid frameworks considering all applicable regulatory requirements, empowering decision making and the ability to achieve and sustain compliance.

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